SCHONEBERG special valves

SCHONEBERG special valves

SCHONEBERG special valves are applicable for extreme conditions (pressure, temperature) and meet a wide range of fluids, including abrasive, to suit each project specificity.

Product Types and Details

INTEC K100 Small Ball Valves DN 8 – 20
INTEC K200ff

INTEC K200ff

Ball valves for critical applications

Dynamic stem seal - maintenance free - with exclusive tapered ring system and complemented by a primary seal internal to the valve body.

Duplex rod material (1.4462), robustness for automation.

Sealing materials: KFGN (sintered nitrogen), KFCM (for steam), PEEK (continuous operation at 260 ° C).


»VDI 2440, 100,000 cycles -40°C up to +220°C

» Fire-Safe acc. to API 607 and DIN EN ISO 10497.

»SIL classification 2

»ATEX 2014/34 / EU

»API 6D (optional)

DN 15 – 500

NPS ½” -20”

INTEC K230 ff

INTEC K230 ff

Ball valves for abrasive fluids

The revolution of the ball valve for all physical states!

Metal fence / pond metal according to EN-12266-1 class A.

Filled ball cavity and open downstream seal, recommended for solids.

Special Duplex versions, Hastelloy B2/C4/C276, Titanium, Zirconium, Monell, Niquel, etc.

Application areas: catalyst production, solids transport (bulk material transport systems), liquid or gaseous media with solid particles, crystallizing media, black liquor from cellulose process.

DN 50 – 500

NPS 2“ – 20“

NTEC K200-K Wafer ball valves DN 15 – 80
INTEC K204-S-D Ball valves with steam hose connection DN 25/20
INTEC K400 Multi-way ball valves DN 15 – 150

NPS ½“ – 6“

INTEC K500 Ball valves for tank bottom DN 80/50 – 200/150
INTEC K600 Pressure gauge ball valves DN 4 – 100
INTEC K700 Ball valves for sampling DN 15 – 200
INTEC K811 PN-350 Tri-broken high pressure ball valves DN 16 – 45
TYPE 300 P Ball valves for sampling DN ¼“ – 2“
RK-PROBALL General purpose ball valves DN 15 – 100

NPS ½“ – 4“

CHEMOBALL KH2F-CI Ball valves for applications in the chemical industry DN 15 – 100
RK-NEEDLE VALVES High pressure needle valves DN 4 – 10