Auto Operated Valves

Direct action pressure reducing valve

They are the simplest PRVs and requires no external pressure outlet to be operated. It is recommended for small and moderate flow rates and provides precision +/- 10% in relation to the set point.
Available in GD-30 models, GD-45 e GD-6, are line valves Armstrong International, low cost that can be used in steam, compressed air, gases and liquids.

Technical information

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    CV 0,35 a 8,5 e range 10:1;
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    threaded connections NPT DN 3/8 "to 2".

Product Details

Body Ductile Iron ASTM A536 / Inox 316 or Bronze ASTM B584
Seat AISI 420
Diaphragm AISI 304 (GD-6)
nest Bronze ASTM B103 / Inox 316 (GD-30 / GD-45)
Cor Dark grey

Direct Action Pressure reducing line