Auto Operated Valves


Specially developed for use in steam, this valve has an external pressure outlet that allows greater sensitivity to pressure variations and guarantees adjustment accuracy in +/- 1%. The relationship between the diaphragm area and the obturator area allows for greater flow capacities compared to other brands.
The GP-2000 of the ARMSTRONG INTERNATIONAL line is a high performance pressure reducing valve that can be applied in intermittent services, including applications such as heat exchangers, drying cylinders, Heating systems in general.

Technical information

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    For pressures up to 20 bar;
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    Range of 20:1 and CV between 5 e 250 GPM;
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    Precision: +/-1% do set point, from 5% a 100% flow capacity;
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    Available on NPT thread connections (½ ”to 2”) and flanged, with diameters from 2 ”to 6”.

Product Details

Body Ductile Iron ASTM A536
Seat / main valve and pilot valve AISI 420
Diaphragm AISI 301
Cor Dark grey

GP Line 2000