Auto Operated Valves


Internally piloted, This type of Armstrong International line PRV incorporates two valves into one unit. The pilot valve is operated by the inlet pressure and allows the opening of the main valve whose size is larger than would be possible with a simple direct-acting valve. The fluid pressure at the main valve outlet also operates the pilot valve, but in the sense of closing. The result is greater flow capacity and greater accuracy, that in this type of valve is +/- 5%.
ARMSTRONG INTERNACIONAL GP-1000A is specially designed for compressed air and gases, Guaranteed tight seal and precise control even at low flow rates. For steam applications the GP-1000 is an alternative that combines reliability, practicality and economy. Also available with AISI body 304 for use in steam on model GP-1000S.

Technical information

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    For pressures up to 10 bar. CV 1 a 64 GPM and accuracy +/-5% do set point;
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    Threaded connections NPT DN 1/2 ”to 2” and flanges, ANSI 150 DN 2 ”to 4”.

Product Details

Body Ductile Iron ASTM A536
Seat / main valve and pilot valve AISI 420
Diaphragm AISI 301
Cor Dark grey

GP Line 1000