Containing incorporated in a single valve body, Manifold KLINGER® enables optimization of space and allows for a simple installation, providing reduction of solder joints and connections.
In addition, the solution, allows easy maintenance of valves, and also has a watertight seal.
With a maximum operating pressure 63 bar, Klinger ® manifolds can be used both in the input mapping system, where the steam is distributed to the various extensions, but also in the condensate collection, of the traps where the discharge is connected to manifold valves, in its turn, It is connected to the condensate return line.
Manifold KLINGER® can also be provided with stop valves, traps and filters already installed.


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    Top: 1½ SW;
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    Top: 1½ SW;
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    extensions: ½ / ¾ / SW / NPT / E.G


Body / Castle ASTM 260 WCB
Piston Such 304
Seal graphite rings KX GT
Steering wheel Cast iron
screws -10 To C +400 °C
connections ASTM 193 grade B7
washers ASTM 194 grade 2H