KLINGER Expert - Our Software to calculate joints

The KLINGER used his experience and knowledge and developed the KLINGER Expert - a versatile software for calculation and selection together, designed primarily to eliminate errors in the selection of the type cardboard hydraulic and application of torque.

Developed in Austria, with the program you can specify which product best suited for each application, considering equipment data (flange and clamping assembly), operation conditions (fluid, temperature and pressure) and the interaction of the various models adopted in conditions.

The software makes the search according to the information determined by the user for each of the variables and as a result brings the most suitable hydraulic cardboard, or even a list of alternatives.

In addition, it is possible to evaluate the need to change the material of the screw, torque or operating conditions. Bringing visually and numerically full understanding of the design of the gasket during installation and operation.

Functions offered by KLINGER EXPERT

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    Identification of the best gasket material for specific applications;
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    Checks chemical and temperature suitability;
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    Calculation of the screw torque requirements;
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    Graphic illustration of the dispersion of the various fixation methods;
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    Selection of approvals and product certificates necessary.