Thermodynamic steam trap with Universal Connector

Thermodynamic steam trap WITH UNIVERSAL CONNECTOR

Designed with universal connector coupled, UPT allows the withdrawal of the trap without the need for intervention in the pipe. Two screws secure the trap to the connector block, in its turn, remains installed on the pipe without the need for flanges or unions. To remove the trap its pipe section should be blocked and depressurized.
Ideal for condensate drainage in saturated steam distribution lines to 42 Pressure bar.
Available with filter – UPT 60, and also without filter – UPT 55.


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    Tampa: AISI 420;
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    Body: AISI 420 with hardened seat;
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    Disco: AISI 420;
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    Filter: AISI 314.


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    vent: universal type;
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    block connector: DN ½” e ¾”, NPT and BSP thread connections.

Operating conditions

Maximum operating pressure 42 Bar @ 252º C
Minimum operating pressure 0,25 bar (g)
maximum counter 80% Operation pressure
Maximum temperature 450 °C


UPT-55 (no filter)
UPT-60 (with filter)