Inverted Bucket Trapper


A KLINGER Brazil, specifies, markets and provides technical assistance for inverted bucket traps of the ARMSTRONG INTERNATIONAL line. These trap models allow efficient drainage of condensate for application in all types of equipment that use steam. How they operate efficiently for long periods, steam traps provide significant energy savings, in addition to reducing labor costs and replacement.
Inverted bucket type drains drain continuously and, although there is intermittent discharge, there is no return or accumulation of condensate. These traps are also resistant to water hammer.
All ARMOSTRONG traps are repairable, providing even greater savings with maintenance services.
A lever system multiplies the force exerted by the bucket to open the valve against system pressure. The mechanism is floating and has no fixed joints that can cause wear or friction.

Operating conditions

Operation capacity 17-186 bar
connections Universal connection, flanges, NPT and BSP threaded connections and solder fitting
Material Stainless steel, forged steel, carbon steel, cast steel


200 series
800-813 series
814-816 series
880 series
980 series
EM series
300 series
521 series
400 series
401-SH/501-SH series
5000 series
6000 series
1000 series
1800 series
2000 series
4000 series