Total tightness in the industry

Concern for the environment can not be limited to the economic aspect, because future generations will need the resources wasted today.

There is debate about the future of our planet, experts from around the world began to seek alternatives to reverse global warming and its dire consequences for the world's climate.

To reduce the amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, we need more than ever to encourage the pursuit of energy efficiency. No industrial environment, where energy waste even reaches significant volumes, surely we can all contribute a lot.

Some companies believe that the cost of energy waste in their processes is irrelevant, but do not consider how much it really affects their competitiveness, directly and indirectly, as it reduces its energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency can be obtained by eliminating the downtime of the production processes, through non-emission energy indirectly to the environment (steam loss, liquid and raw materials), by maintaining a regular production flow, nonstop, in addition to the choice of products built to last.

Entire production system has a performance curve that only hits the sweet spot by certain pattern manufacturing. It is this rate that ensures product quality, and whenever it is broken for loss of raw energy.

When production is stopped for routine maintenance, no power consumption ceases, because most of the time you can not just turn off the lighting system, boiler, the compressed air system and others who must operate continuously in the industry. All of this is energy loss, which leads us to a direct equation: less maintenance greater energy efficiency =.

By investing in equipment and more efficient and durable systems, estearemos saving valuable resources in the form of energy, raw materials and inputs, today even seem endless - but not.

The most important part is the future of our children and grandchildren. Concern for the environment can not be limited to the economic aspect, because future generations will need the same elements that we are wasting today.

Ways to increase the energy efficiency in industry:

  • reduce waste;
  • Reuse inputs and raw materials;
  • Reducing interventions for maintenance;
  • Stimulate the smooth flow of production, nonstop.

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