• Tipo: Esfera
  • Série: Bi-partida atuada
  • Família: Válvula
  • Fabricante: Klinger
  • Aplicação: ANSI 150, ANSI 300, Água, Vapor Saturado, Vapor Superaquecido, Gases Nao Corrosivos, Gases Corrosivos, Vacuo, Oleos nao Viscosos, Oleos Viscosos, Acidos, Alcalis, Agua, Ar
  • Descrição

    Due to the elastic system in the ball valve, leak-tightness is guaranteed at high as well as at low pressures. These two independently working sealing elements are preloaded during assembly. Furthermore they are driven against the ball by the differential pressure of the media. As it is a trunnion mounted ball valve, the pressure is not transmitted into the seat rings. The valve can be used bidirectionally. Expansion caused by heat is compensated by the elasticity of the sealing elements. This elasticity provides continuously two main-sealing areas in the bore up to a certain pressure rate. With the fluid pressing onto the differential surfaces of the sealing element the seat ring is squeezed to the ball surface. As soons as pressure from the clearance volume is admitted to the ball and exeeds the nominal pressure, the ball pushes against the sealing ring on the outlet and keeps it tight to the atmosphere as well.

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