• Tipo: Balde Invertido
  • Série: Série 5000
  • Família: Purgador
  • Fabricante: Armstrong
  • Aplicação: Acima PN 100, NPT, BSP, Conexão Soldada, ANSI 150, ANSI 300, ANSI 600, ANSI 900, ANIS 1500, Vapor Saturado, Vapor Superaquecido
  • Descrição

    Armstrong offers its 5000 Series forged chrome-moly steel traps for vertical installation with a choice of screwed, socketweld or flanged connections. A unique leverage system multiplies the force provided by the bucket to open the valve against system pressure. The mechanism is free-floating and has no fixed pivots to create wear or friction.

    Because the mechanism is located at the top of the trap, no dirt can collect on the orifice. Small particles of dirt are held in suspension until discharged by the full differential purging action when the bucket sinks, pulling the valve off the seat.

    The discharge orifice is surrounded by a water seal, preventing live steam loss. Automatic air venting is provided by a small vent hole in the bucket. This provides continuous automatic air and CO2 venting at steam temperature.

    Inverted bucket traps drain continuously, although discharging intermittently, to prevent condensate backup. They are also resistant to water hammer. Operation on Superheat. A normally operating bucket trap is filled with saturated steam and condensate. Superheated steam can enter only as fast as the steam inside can condense. As a result, the temperature of the trap is at (or slightly below) saturated steam temperature, regardless of the degree of superheat.

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